Insane First Person Action In BITING ELBOWS Music Video, BAD MOTHER-WhatNow?

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It is just one of those days when you come across something so bat-shit insane that you just have to share it with the masses. 

About a year back filmmakers Ilya Naishuller and Sergey Valyaev made a music video for the song The Stampede by the band Biting Elbows. It featured an office worker who steals some sort of teleportation device that activates when wet. The entire story was told from the first person perspective of that office worker as they steal the device then try to escape the office. 

And today the band released the official music video for their next single 'Bad Motherfucker' with continues the next chapter in The Insane Office Escape series. And since the first video the filmmakers have expanded on that original idea and upped the ante one hundred-fold. It is more violent. Has a lot more stunts in it. Basically, it's action packed from beginning to end. 

This could very well be the best 4:57 minutes of your day. 
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  • fipper

    Oh, I forgot!! I wanted to say thanks for sharing!!!

  • fipper

    That's the first thing that came to my mind also. The follow up is straight up Grand Theft Auto. Regardless, those were some really well made videos. I watched both like 3 times already. The camera work is amazing! Wonder when's their next Hollywood feature...

  • mightyjoeyoung

    "This could very well be the best 4:57 minutes of your day"

    It´s very impressive.....reminds of that Jonas Åkerlunds uncensored video for Smack My Bitch Up, thanks for the video Mr Mack.

  • donivan


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