Hey, Toronto! Classic Nikkatsu Action Flick A COLT IS MY PASSPORT Screens For Free This Saturday At 10pm!

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Okay, Toronto, you have no excuses. We're nearing the end of the Twitch curated Tokyo Drifters: 100 Years Of Nikkatsu retrospective at the TIFF Bell Lightbox and we're going out in style! Classic title A Colt Is My Passport - a huge personal favorite - is this week's selection, screening on 35mm Saturday at 10pm and the screening is free. Yes, completely free. No contests, no nothing, just come on out and get a brilliant piece of stylish crime cinema for free thanks to the Bell Free Weekend happening this week at the Lightbox. Which, yes, does mean that you can park yourself in the Lightbox and see a whole lot of stuff for free, but this is the one you should prioritize.

A riotous fusion of styles that combines elements of the French New Wave, spaghetti westerns and Hollywood films noirs, the awesomely titled A Colt Is My Passport is an enormously entertaining minor classic. The ubiquitous Joe Shishido is a hard-boiled hired killer commissioned by a local gang to take down a rival boss. He pulls the job off with his customary efficiency, but everything goes to hell anyway: his employers are unhappy with his methods, while his victim's cronies, thirsty for revenge, trace the job back to him, forcing the taciturn triggerman and his guitar-strumming sidekick to try and shoot their way out of town. Featuring a fantastic final showdown in a barren, wind-whipped desert wasteland, A Colt Is My Passport is "a hot, blistering belch of action savagery and truck-stop heartbreak!" (Chuck Stephens).
Find all the details here and come on out!

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