Hammer Horror Hitting US Shores From Millenium Entertainment This Summer

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American cult film fans have been watching with envy as one Hammer Horror classic after another landed on UK store shelves beginning in late 2011. Well, the long wait for us may finally be coming to an end as Variety reported this morning that Millennium Entertainment has picked up the license from Exclusive Media this April.

Not all appears to be wine and roses just yet, though. The initial release is to be a two-disc three-film DVD set with Dracula: Prince of Darkness (already on Blu in the UK), The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires (legendary crossover madness from Hammer and Shaw Brothers Studios) and Frankenstein Created Woman (coming to UK Blu in May). 

The idea behind this release, according to Millennium, is "To encourage the general public to join the Hammer fanbase". However, I can see this being irritating to Hammer fans, myself included, who have been sitting on the out-of-print Anchor Bay discs for years waiting to upgrade.

While I am skeptical, Millennium does say in its press release that:

"Alongside the new extras we have created, we hope that our American Hammer fans will love the Blu-ray collector's editions and that these editions will also help new fans discover our rich history."
I just hope these Blu-ray upgrades start materializing soon. I've been tempted on many occasions to import the UK discs but have held off in anticipation of this day. I'll remain cautiously optimistic.
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  • mightyjoeyoung

    "The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires (legendary crossover madness from Hammer and Shaw Brothers Studios) "
    They should do a sequel to this one.
    Sounds great, thanks for the news, Mr Hurtado.

  • Martin Wagner

    While I'm glad to see an effort to bring Hammer classics back to the US, the fact is the "general public" will never join the Hammer fanbase. It takes dedication and effort to be the sort of person, in 2013, who chooses to develop a love and appreciation for 40-50 year old classic genre films made in the days before CG. They should concentrate on the core classic horror fans, who may not number in the tens of millions but will pay for quality product. Frankly this cheap-looking DVD looks like the sort of thing you'd see on the $5 discount rack at a secondhand store. I hope that the rest of Millennium's releases take after the UK Blu-rays (which I have ordered and will continue to do so) and present a much classier package.

  • J Hurtado

    I agree with everything you say.

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