First Trailer For Swedish Indie Thriller I AM MY OWN

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Production of the Swedish indie crime drama I Am My Own (Jag Är Min Egen) is complete and the production team has cut the first trailer to begin enticing festival programmers, international sales agents and distributors to take an interest in writer/director Johan Bergqvist's film.

An unscrupulous drug dealer without conscience is drifting through the Swedish countryside. When he one day is cornered and forced to run from the law he comes across a baby and decides to use it as a cover to get away.

However he soon realizes that a baby is harder to take care of than he thought, especially when you are on the run. The time he spends taking care of her teaches him for the first time what it means to be responsible for another human being. In the end, he must choose whether to go back to his old life, or live up to the responsibility he has learned, despite what it might cost him.  

If you happen to be any of these aforementioned industry insiders you can contact the producers, JÄMTFILM AB, through Cinado or reach them by e-mail. They will have online screeners available for those interested. Twitch will also have a look at the finished film soon so keep your eyes peeled for a review. 
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  • mightyjoeyoung

    "Twitch will also have a look at the finished film soon so keep your eyes peeled for a review."
    Well, they used english subs......see that...?
    That´s how it should be......trailer looks like same old action thriller stuff we get from Sweden.
    But I hope SVT buys this one though, they should.
    Thanks Mr Mack.

  • Filip Tegstedt

    Actually, Johan Bergqvist has made something very different from what we usually see from Sweden. This is nothing at all like Beck, Wallander or Johan Falk.

  • mightyjoeyoung

    Well, I was mainly thinking about Daniel Fridells films, Daniel Espinosas Snabba Cash, etc....but hey, if you guys got something new to show, I will be surprised.

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