First Teaser for the Sundance Hit THE KINGS OF SUMMER Will Make You Want to Dance, Dance, Dance

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The most rewarding part of going to a film festival is walking into a film completely blind (figuratively, of course), without knowing a thing about it but maybe who made or stars in it, and walking out completely slack-jawed. Earlier this year, that film for me was Jordan Vogt-Roberts' feature debut, The Kings of Summer (formerly Toy's House). The film stars Nick Robinson as Joe Toy. He's tired of his dad (Nick Offerman) and his dad's bullshit, so he, along with his two pals Biaggio (the incredibly funny Moises Arias) and Patrick (Gabriel Basso) run away into the woods, build their own home, and live like kings. Well, as much as a bunch of high school kids who can live like kings in the woods, anyway. 

I reviewed the film when it premiered at Sundance (you can read that here if you wish), and if my gushing piece on the film isn't enough to sell you, this teaser certainly will. (Side note: the first quote in this teaser is from my Sundance review, so the Universe really wants you to trust me when I tell you how goddamn good this movie is.)

The Kings of Summer is slated to release stateside May 31st. Don't miss it. 
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