CAPTIVITY DETECTIVE Teases A Comic Murder Mystery In A Japanese Apartment

, Managing Editor

Put a dead body in a small apartment, lock up a young woman on a bed, and set a young man free to investigate a murder -- but only within the same small apartment.

That appears to be the premise for Captivity Detective. the literally-translated English title of Kankin Tantei, according to Nippon Cinema. Based on a manga by Abiko Takemaru, the film stars Miura Takahiro and Natsuna as a couple of strangers who wind up in the same apartment where a murder has been committed. The young man suspects the young woman of the crime, so he ties her to a bed while he decides to investigate, but she has some detective skills of her own, or so she claims.

The trailer has a light, comic, pop tone, with a hint of flirtatious romance in the air, along with the smell of death. Oikawa Takuro directed. The film is due in theaters in Japan on June 1, 2013.

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