Watch It Big. Watch It Loud. Anthony Scott Burns, Chris Bahry And Tendril Tease The STYLE FRAMES Conference.

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If you cast your mind back a little ways you may recall Twitch raving about a scifi experiment titled Epoch, the footage all repurposed by director Anthony Scott Burns from elements he had shot for Paul Van Dyk's album Evolution. The footage was quite simply stunning, so much so that it raised the possibility that in Burns my cold Canadian home may have a fledgling new scifi visionary to call its own. Time will tell if he can tell a story but, good lord, the man can make a pretty picture.

And he's at it again.

Burns recently teamed up with co-director Chris Bahry and Toronto's Tendril to create a promo spot for the upcoming Style Frames design conference in New York. And, following the teaser we ran back in December, the full promo is now available online. And, hoo boy, the work is once again incredibly distinctive and striking. Take a look at both the Style Frames promo and Epoch below. Make 'em big. Make 'em loud. And enjoy.
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