Teaser For Filipino Horror Film SAPI From Arthouse Director Brillante Mendoza

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To this point, Filipino director Brillante Mendoza has had worldwide success as an arthouse film director. His last film, The Womb, picked up a slew of awards on the festival circuit. Now, though, Mendoza is taking a trip off his beaten path and directing his first ever horror film, Sapi

In the first teaser for the horror-thriller "Sapi," actor Dennis Trillo is seen as a journalist covering what appears to be students being "possessed by evil spirits." Trillo's character is accompanied by two others, played by Baron Geisler and Meryll Soriano, in documenting other paranormal activities.

You can take the director out of the arthouse but you cannot take the arthouse out of the director. So far, all seems very interesting, then intense. And Mendoza still maintains a high sense of visual style. We're waiting for a subtitled version of the teaser and will keep you in the loop accordingly. 
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