Sometimes All It Takes Is A Title. Meet The Toilet Zombies Of STALLED.

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Soon to pop in at the European Film Market, Christian James' Stalled is proof that sometimes all you need to sell a movie is a good concept. And a man fighting off zombies while trapped in a women's toilet stall is just pretty damn funny.

It's Christmas Eve, and a soon-to-be-shit-canned maintenance gopher (Dan Palmer) is changing light bulbs and cleaning toilets instead of drinking egg nog and making out with drunk receptionists at the annual office party. Unfortunately for this forlorn floor-sweeper, he chooses to use the ladies restroom the very second a zombie outbreak occurs! Will he bowl us over and flush away the undead or (like in his pre-apocalypse life) simply remain ...Stalled?
Watch the trailer below.

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  • RawBeard

    I will always give Zombie films a chance especially if they set it a new location or try something slightly different.

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