Robert Downey Jr. Options Episode Of UK Show BLACK MIRROR

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Warner Bros. has optioned the third episode, "The Entire History of You," from the first season of Charlie Brooker's incredible show Black Mirror

The show was written by Peep Show scribe Jesse Armstrong and he has been signed on to translate the plot device in his episode into a feature length sci-fi thriller. Armstrong already has fans among the writers here at Twitch, not only for Peep Show, but also for his input on films like In The Loop and Four Lions. The film will be produced under Robert Downey Jr's banner Team Downey. 

The episode of the British anthology show centers on a man with an implant that allows him to record and re-watch all of his life experiences. He begins to suspect his wife is having an affair and obsessively tries to find evidence until the relationship falls apart.

For the film version, the story will be set in a near future where technology that allows users to re-experience past events, and follow a man who reconstructs his relationship to his dead wife - from her point of-view - and unknowingly uncovers a vast conspiracy.

No word yet on whether Downey will star in the film, nor are there any casting announcements to speak of right now. In the meantime, if you have not watched last year's episodes of Black Mirror, or the first episode of the second season which aired the other night (in the UK) we implore you to hunt them down and give them a whirl. Arguably, Black Mirror is some of the best television out there. 
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