Magnolia Is Bringing Lars Von Trier's NYMPHOMANIAC To The U.S.

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Magnolia Pictures, who also released Melancholia, has announced that it will be bringing Lars von Trier's Nymphomaniac to the United States... whenever it's finished. As announced yesterday, the film is currently 7.5 hours long, and according to the executive producer "all good." However, unlike pretty much every other von Trier movie, the film won't be premiering at Cannes, not because of the whole Hitler debacle from two years ago, but because it won't be ready in time.

According to the Danish producer and CEO of Zentropa Entertainments Peter Aalbæk Jensen:
"Four editors were working around the clock to meet the Cannes deadline, but we had to give it up...After 268 script pages, 11 weeks of shooting and with 100 hours of material it would have been rape to finish the two films in time for the festival. But there is absolutely no bad blood between us."

So there you have it, complete with an ill-advised rape comparison. 
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