Watch WWI Short Film COWARD Right Now

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Proving that big, impressive things can come in "smaller" packages, David Roddham's short film Coward is a lovingly detailed throwback to the sentimental epics of yesteryear and a sobering snapshot of "the last great war". And you can watch it online, right now.

I first got wind of Roddham's short as they were wrapping up production a year back, and was able to share my two cents on the finished film just a few months ago. Here's a snippet of those thoughts:
There's certainly a Spielbergian deftness to Roddham's direction. The film has sentiment and heart to spare, but is never saccharine, and understands and honors its increasingly dark and tragic subject matter. All in all Coward is a solid throwback to classic studio storytelling on an independent scale, which is no small feat.

Absolutely worth your next free half-hour, Coward, is if nothing else, an incredible calling card for Roddham and his cinematographer Stephen Murphy. So take note, these should be names we'll be seeing around for years to come.

And now, embedded below... Coward.
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