WARM BODIES: Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer Talk Zombies, Respecting Rules, and Then Breaking Them

We've seen zombies walk, run, jump, and fight sharks, but we've never seen one fall in love with a human...that is, until now!

Written and directed by Jonathan Levine (50/50, The Wackness, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane), Warm Bodies stars Nicholas Hoult (X-Men: First Class, A Single Man, About a Boy) and Teresa Palmer (Take Me Home Tonight, I Am Number Four, Wish You Were Here). The film is a fresh "Beauty and the Beast" meets "Romeo & Juliet" take on the decaying genre. You know, if Romeo had to fight the urge to eat the beauty's brains as he fell head over heels for her.

I sat down with Hoult and Palmer to discuss the film's unconventional approach to the genre, how it respected the rules while bending and breaking them, the film's eclectic soundtrack, and more. More, in this case, being the pair rating my ability to act like a zombie.

You can watch our interview in its entirety below.

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  • RoboticPlague

    You say we have never seen one fall in love with a human. It's been ages but wasn't there a movie called ny boyfriends back or something? He was a zombie and in love with a girl.

  • James Wallace

    You are correct sir! From 1993. Interestingly enough, featuring a young Philip Seymour Hoffman! Funny you should mention it...in my review of WARM BODIES I actually make a joke along the lines of "we've never seen a human fall in love with a zombie (unless you count 1993's MY BOYFRIEND'S BACK...but who really is?)" I chose not to use that joke twice hoping most people would either not recall that movie or disregard it for the sake of my intro. Couldn't get one past you though! ;)

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