Welcome back to The Stack, where host Dave Canfield opines and informs on what's new on DVD and Blu-ray, offers up conversation with informed fans, industry figures and talent and seeks out the geek epicenter of his own meandering fandom. 

This installment has him checking out some recent releases on Blu-ray. What's the best special feature on Looper? Can even David Cronenberg fashion compelling cinema entirely out of the back of a limo in Cosmopolis? How brave is Brave? Did Tim Burton successfully expand his original live action short into a stop motion masterpiece? Or is Frankenweenie just more artsy noodling about? Lastly, do any of us remember just how great Finding Nemo looks on Blu-ray? 

You can watch the entire episode below.
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  • mightyjoeyoung

    "You can watch the entire episode below."

    Nice to see the stack back.....paying homage to Ben Burtt, there was a nice featurette about him on WALL·E (2008) DVD check it out Mr Canfield.
    I would love see the rest of teh Twitch crew to do one stack each, or maybe next years best of lists...?
    Thanks Mr Canfield.

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