Legendary Stomps GODZILLA Producers

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Legendary Pictures, the studio behind the latest attempt at a Godzilla film, has sued producers Dan Lin, Roy Lee and Doug Davison. This just prior to the start of production of the film, which is scheduled for March. Gareth Edwards is set to direct.

The gist of the suit is a disagreement between Legendary and the producers: 
Legendary says the producing team did little to justify being included on the project.

"Defendants efforts on the project consisted only of introducing a screenwriter to Legendary and contributing notes to a screenplay which Legendary subsequently decided to not utilize," the lawsuit states. "Legendary judged that Defendants offered little to the ongoing production of the film, and that their likely role (if engaged) would not warrant the substantial fees and backend compensation that they could potentially earn as producers."

Accordingly, the lawsuit states, "Legendary notified Defendants in writing that it would not be engaging their services to produce the film."

Understandably, the producers did not like that one bit; after all, it was Lin and Lee who brought the project to Legendary in early 2010. Late last year, Legendary reportedly wanted the producers to reduce their fees, and when they declined to do so, Legendary started working to get them off the project. This legal action is their latest move; expect more maneuvering in the courts. 

Isn't making films just the greatest?
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  • Good, Roy Lee has been nothing but a parasite and charlatan whose sole "creative talent" is scouring Asian movies for unnecessary Hollywood remakes.

  • Thomas Carpenter

    This particular remake is very necessary. The only American adaption we've had so far was a total let-down that did no justice for it's roots.

  • Sebo McPowers

    I thought Darabont was attached as a director?

  • No. He was just brought on to work on the script.

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