Full Trailer For Argentinian Hitwoman Film MALA (EVIL WOMAN)

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Back in December we came across the first teaser for Mala (Evil Woman), a violent hitwoman affair from director Israel Adrian Caetano. And with the film hitting Argentinean screens on Valentine's Day that first tease has now been followed by a full trailer - one that even includes English subtitles for those who want to follow along.

ROSARIO (30) is a paid assassin who kills men who mistreat or abuse women. When the police capture her, is the end of the myth. But MARÍA, a hysteric invalid, saves Rosario in exchange for a different job. Rosario has to make RODRIGO (Maria's ex husband) fall in love with her. Rosario faces a maze of passions that exceeds her. When Maria asks her to kill Rodrigo, love is between them. ¿Could she? Well, every crime is committed for love and every love is a crime.

Check the trailer below.
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