First Look At The Korean Action Heroines In THE HUNTRESSES

Lead actress trio Ha Ji-won (As One), Kang Ye-won (Quick) and Son Ga-in are The Huntresses, a somewhat Korean equivalent to The Three Musketeers or Charlie's Angels, only these beautiful bounty hunters are from the Joseon Dynasty. The film is a historical action adventure revolving around three strong female protagonists, each with a unique skill, battling a powerful group that is trying to overthrow the royal family and gain absolute power.

Director Park Je-Hyun compares the action-style of these characters, played by Ha, Kang and Son, to Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li respectively. "I think the girls resemble them in a way because HA has a charismatic look, KANG looks clumsy but always manages to handle matters and SON is a dab hand at beating opponents."

Here's the official synopsis via Showbox:
As a child, Jin-ok witnessed the murder of her father and narrowly escaped death. She is taken under the wing of Mu-myeong, the man who saved her life, and trains in martial arts alongside two other girls. 10 years pass and the girls are now Joseon's best bounty hunters. One day, Jin-ok is asked to take on a case for a handsome reward. Against their master's wishes, the trio takes on the job, not knowing it will eventually lead them to the man responsible for the death of Jin-ok's father 10 years before.
The release date is set in early 2013.
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  • Alex Smith

    looks great.. loved Ha Jiwon in As One so can't wait for the film to be finished... :)

  • i hope this movie would be good because Korean movies are not great when it comes to martial arts movies...:/

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