First Image From Sylvain Chomet's SWING POPA SWING

Acclaimed animation director Sylvain Chomet is revisiting the elderly singing sisters from his zany French comedy Triplets of Belleville in a prequel Swing Popa Swing and a concept image has our first look at these characters as young girls along with their dad.

As the image alludes the prequel to the Oscar-nominated film goes back to the triplets' childhood and deals with their relationship with their 100-year-old father, who wishes the trio to concentrate on studying medicine rather than music. There will also be sci-fi elements in the subplot involving aliens and a battle between CIA and KGB agents trying to capture their spacecraft.

According to producer Didier Brunner of Paris-based studio Les Armateurs, the project may be developed as a stereoscopic 3D CG-animated film. The project is currently in the conceptual phase and seeking co-financing partners at the annual Cartoon Movie event

The release date is set tentatively in 2014.
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  • if sylvain chomet goes CG i will burn all your cats

  • Then start burning. Chomet already used CGI in his last film. Like anything else it's a tool that can be used well or poorly, depending on whose hands it's in.

  • And in Triplets - he just covers it well by drawing over his CG with hand drawn lines. It gives it a rather unique look...

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