Slamdance 2013 Exclusive: Check Out The Poster For Noir Flick JOY DE V.

, U.S. Editor
One of my most anticipated titles at this year's Slamdance has gotta be Nadia Szold's feature debut Joy de V. Every bit of info that has come my way, every still for this Brooklyn-set noir has piqued my interest more and more. Today, we're proud to share with you the poster for the film, and boy, if this isn't a poster lover's Poster! Evoking Hitchcock, the pulps, and of course the classic romances of the 40s, you can take a look at the full-size version below.
Roman is a con-artist from Long Island, his wife Joy is 7 months pregnant. One morning she vanishes into thin air. The same morning she disappears, Roman discovers that his most consistent scam, government disability checks from a faked madness, will run out if he doesn't do something soon to prove he is insane. We begin here, and from here dive into the mysterious behavior of those stricken by love and who are perhaps more certifiably crazy than they believe themselves to be.

Joy de V. has it's world premiere at Slamdance this Sunday, January 20th.
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