Exclusive: ANGELS IN EXILE Poster Debut

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Set to debut today at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Billy Raftery's documentary Angels in Exile follows Zuleika and Ariel, two children living on the streets in Durban, South Africa. They face a bleak future, one marked by drugs, violence, and prostitution, until two former street children offer them a way out -- but only if Zuleika and Ariel want it.

Narrated by Charlize Theron, a native of South Africa, Angels in Exile was filmed over a period of eight years by Raftery. The director has an interesting story himself; he moved to South Africa after college and began working with non-profit organizations to help homeless children. Then he picked up a camera to record what he saw.

From the description, Angels in Exile sounds like a film with a strong point of view about an important subject. We're proud to debut the poster, which you can see in its full glory below.

Angels in Exile screens today (Friday, January 25) at 2:00 p.m. at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival (SBIFF) in California. Check the official sites for the festival and the documentary for more information.

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