Black Magic And Boxing In Indonesian Horror BRIDE WATERFALL: PHUKET

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Ah, Phuket. One of the prime tourist destinations in all of south east Asia. You want to experience the beauty of Thailand without the madness of Bangkok? Phuket is where you go. And apparently this is true in Indonesia as well as in the rest of the world, but the young stars of Rizal Mantovani's Air Terjun Pengantin Phuket (aka Bride Waterfall: Phuket) find something other than what they expected when they arrived. Yes, there are beautiful beaches to necessitate the wearing of bikinis but there is also rather a lot of black magic.

Indonesia's Maxima Pictures produces some of the higher end genre pictures in the region and this one features their typical blend of decently good production value employed in the service of showing as much flesh and gore as local censorship will allow. It also features The Raid villain Ray Sahetapy getting his villain on. Check the trailer below.
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