Watch Spencer Susser's Newest Short Film EUGENE Online Right Now

, Contributing Writer
When I was writing about Nash Edgerton and Spencer Susser's epic short film The Captain yesterday, I was interested to see that Susser had also directed another short in 2012 called Eugene - produced by Ben Gilovitz who also produced The Captain and Ariel Kleiman's short masterpiece Deeper Than Yesterday. So I knew I had to track this baby down. 

Then when I was trying to navigate YouTube's atrocious new layout today, I realised that Blue Tongue Films had uploaded Susser's new film in late November, and I've included it below for your viewing pleasure. It seems that Eugene is part of a branded content series for Intel's Ultrabook, and in Susser's style is a sweet little comedy that involves sudden violence.

Check out the short below, which also seems to feature a strange cowboy cameo by Ben Lee.
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