Vietnam Delivers A Slick Dark Thriller With COLD SUMMER

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Vietnam continues to impress as one of the fastest growing film markets in south east Asia, a new wave of young talent rising up in response to an audience hungry for local voices and projects. And one upcoming film worth keeping an eye on appears to be dark thriller Cold Summer (Mua He Lanh).

The sophomore feature from Ngo Quang Hai - best known on these shores for his work as an actor in A Vertical Ray Of The Sun - Cold Summer is beautifully shot and run through with grim imagery. This one appears to have learned a lesson or two from the sort of thrillers normally associated with Korea.

The full trailer has arrived with English subtitles included. Take a look below.
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  • Scotty

    Watch this Movie Yesterday at MegaStar Movie Theater in Parkson... The Movie Scene was beautiful.. show Vietnam in all its Glory.. but the Plot and Characters leave a lot to be Desired. At the End of the Movie, I felt "Rip" off and felt this movie wasn't worth my time nor money.

  • mightyjoeyoung

    "Cold Summer is beautifully shot and run through with grim imagery."
    It looks nice, hope the film delivers, thanks Mr Brown.

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