Russian Cult SciFi Comedy KIN DZA DZA Gets An Animated Remake

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Released in 1986, as the Soviet Union was approaching the end of its run, Georgiy Daneliya's Kin Dza Dza become something of a cult phenomenon. A scifi comedy that catapults an odd couple - a construction worker and a music student - to a far off planet the film has a large and loyal following thanks to its clever comedy and slyly satiric elements. It's a film that's never really gone away and now it's coming back in animated form.

An animated version of the same tale titled Ku! Kin Dza Dza! (Ку! Кин-дза-дза) is scheduled for a summer 2013 release and the first trailer has arrived online. Though there are no subtitles the story is simple enough to follow - the human protagonists foolishly fiddle with an alien transportation device and are flung to a far off planet from which they have to try and find their way home - that you shouldn't have any real problems. Check it below.
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  • chrisward

    "Though there are no subtitles the story is simple enough to follow" HA! Ummm....not exactly. That film is amazing. But predictable it is not. KOO!

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