Ronnie Yu's SAVING GENERAL YANG Trailer Soaks The Ground With Blood

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One thing is very clear. General Yang had better be one very, very important man to justify the amount of carnage being carried out in his name in Ronnie Yu's Saving General Yang.

One of Hong Kong's finest, Yu makes his return to the director's chair for the first time since 2006 Jet Li starrer Fearless. And he is back with a massive scale action spectacle.

The story of the Yang's has been eulogized for hundreds of years in the Chinese society. It details the exploits of the Yang military family, recounting the unflinching loyalty of the Yang family heirs. The plot places focus on how the seven sons of the Yang family held hands in the rescue of their father...
Ekin Cheng, Chun Wu, Vic Chou, Adam Cheng, Fan Xu, Raymond Lam, Bo Yu, Chen Li and Xin Bo Fo star. Check out the enormously bloody - and English narrated - full trailer below.

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  • Eric

    Nice trailer, hampered down by the english narration :P

  • Snail

    Ekin Cheng. Aesthetically fitting for every single historic, manga, or wu xia epic.

  • BelmontHeir

    If I'm gonna watch an old-school Chinese historical epic these days, I want it to be as bloody and full of action as this!

  • Qinlong

    Nice ! Though I'm still bummed this didn't materialize as the Women Generals of the Yang Family with Yeoh and co, as Ronny Yu originally intended. The cast here isn't very inspiring, except for the big screen return of the great Adam Cheng.

  • J Hurtado

    Let's be thankful that there is something to help erase the memory of The Legendary Amazons from the world's collective memory.

  • KV

    i was like "oh hell yeah, the same director from jet li's 'fearless'.." and then "oh, crap.. the same director as 'freddy vs. jason' " ;(

  • Eric

    Also the director of the Bride with White Hair.
    I highly doubt that the creative freedom was in Ronny's hands when making freddy vs jason, besides I doubt the matchup was his idea anyway.
    In asia, the creative freedom is shifted towards the director and less of the producer.

  • cuttermaran

    What an awesome trailer.

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