Rogue Soldier On The Run In Poland's MANHUNT

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Yes, it's a bit of a Polish themed day on Twitch today but it's hard to argue with the array of intriguing efforts coming out of that country lately. And the third Polish offering on the Twitch docket today is Marcin Krzyształowicz's Manhunt.

The premise is a familiar one - a rogue soldier being hunted down in connection with the deaths of his own squad - which means it all comes down to execution. And the trailer is very promising, offering up a solid blend of grit, drama and action. Take a look below.
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  • Todd are you familiar with Rose? This movie also stars Dorocinski in the main role and the movie is absolutely terrifying. Have not seen Manhunt yet but heard that it is good stuff. Check the trailer for Rose -

  • I didn't know that one but it looks good, thanks!

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