James Franco Visits INTERIOR. LEATHER BAR. See The First Stills.

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If there is a Hollywood figure who maintains a sharper divide between what he does for money and what he does for love than James Franco it's very hard to say who it might be. While Franco clearly embraces projects that embody both poles as often as possible he also remains the same guy who took on a role in a daytime soap to pay his way through college while directing his own odd little indies on the side of a career that has now expanded to lead roles in massive Hollywood blockbusters. And the divide has never been sharper than this coming year, in which Franco will be on multiplex screens as the lead in Sam Raimi's Oz The Great And Powerful while also at Sundance as the co-director of edgy indie picture Interior. Leather Bar.

It has long been rumored that William Friedkin cut forty minutes of explicit material out of his 1980 Al Pacino starring thriller Cruising for ratings purposes and it is those forty minutes that are of interest to Franco and his co-director Travis Mathews here. The film then veers off into issues of freedom of expression but, as the first stills make clear, they're not balking at the subject matter whatsoever.

Check the gallery of stills below for a glimpse of what Franco is up to and remember you can click 'em to make 'em big.
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  • Atasi Mukherjee

    Holla Franco lol!!

  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    Now that is a high contrast compared to his other films but I'm definetely interested.

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