It's A Wrap! MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Completes Principal Photography

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It weathered massive delays due - ironically - to good weather, survived a move to a different continent, and finished out the end of the shoot under the watchful eye of studio bean counters. But the key word in that statement is 'end'. Because that's what production of Mad Max: Fury Road has reached: The end of principal photography.

After a six month shoot, largely in the deserts of Namibia, George Miller's long talked about Mad Max: Fury Road has wrapped production and the Tom hardy / Charlize Theron starring revival of the post-apocalyptic franchise that made Mel Gibson a star will now undergo a lengthy post production process in Australia. It's a happy note in what has been one of the more snake bitten productions of recent memory.
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  • This made my day.

  • kevo42

    In a way, I'm not so worried, because George Miller is already a director with experience. I don't think this will end his career. It's like : take a last good fun on the behalf of the studios, make a film that is as good as possible, and at the end of the day, we'll see if that was worth it.

    He made enough compromises with the third episode, and now we want somme gritty Mad Max, with a top Tom Hardy.

  • There's no suggestion at all it'll end his career. Shoot's finished now they just get through post and release it. Impossible to judge whether it'll have any impact on anyone involved until we see what sort of business it does.

  • Ozimov


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