Indonesia Visits Sundance With Mouly Surya's WHAT THEY DON'T TALK ABOUT WHEN THEY TALK ABOUT LOVE

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A pair of familiar names to Twitch readers make an appearance at Sundance this year with Mouly Surya's What They Don't Talk About When The Talk About Love. There's Surya herself, of course, the director drawing attention in these parts with her earlier effort Fiksi. And then there's leading man Nicholas Saputra, recently seen in Edwin's Postcards From The Zoo and prior to that as the lead in Joko Anwar's Joni's Promise.

Indonesian cinema is an odd beast, the nation being hugely prolific but the vast majority of the local output being the sort that attracts little notice overseas or, if we're being honest, gains coverage because it's unintentionally funny. But while the signal:noise ratio of the nation may not be the strongest there is signal there, in the form of a small band of fiercely talented directors. On the genre side there are the Mo Brothers and ex-pat Gareth Evans, bridging genre and arthouse there's the aformentioned Joko Anwar, and then on the arthouse side there are folks like the also aforementioned Edwin. And Surya is very much part of the vanguard of Indonesian quality. She's a richly talented storyteller who falls somewhere between Anwar and Edwin on the arthouse / genre scale and her latest tale - of young people looking for love in a school for the blind - promises great things. Check a gallery of stills below and remember you can click 'em to make 'em big.
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