Gus Van Sant, Ulrich Seidl Included in First Berlin Film Festival Competition Announcement

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The Berlin Film Festival has just announced six of its competition films as well as a special world premiere of Christian Rost and  Claus Strigel's new documentary Redemption Impossible. The initial lineup includes heavy hitters from around the world, including Gus Van Sant, who is bringing his latest, Promised Land, Hong Sang-Soo who has somehow already made another movie and Ulrich Seidl, who will premiere the third part of his Paradise trilogy, Paradise: Hope. I was quite taken by the first part, Paradise: Love, so here's hoping I find some way to see Seidl's controversial Venice Film Festival winner Paradise: Faith before February so that I arrive fully prepared.

It's also noteworthy that the director of Space Chimps is sharing space with these acclaimed art house auteurs. I support this. Anyway, here's the full list:



By Sebastián Lelio (La Sagrada Familia, Navidad, El año del tigre)

With Paulina García, Sergio Hernández

World premiere

Nugu-ui Ttal-do Anin (Nobody's Daughter Haewon)

Republic of Korea

By Hong Sangsoo (Night and Day, Hahaha, In Another Country)

With Eunchae Jung, Sunkyun Lee

World premiere


Paradies: Hoffnung (Paradise: Hope)


By Ulrich Seidl (Dog Days, Import Export, Paradise: Love)

With Melanie Lenz, Vivian Bartsch, Joseph Lorenz, Michael Thomas

World premiere


Poziţia Copilului (Child's Pose)


By Călin Peter Netzer (Maria, Medal of Honor, Zapada mieilor)

With Luminiţa Gheorghiu, Bogdan Dumitrache, Florin Zamfirescu

World premiere


Promised Land


By Gus Van Sant (My Own Private Idaho, Good Will Hunting, Milk)

With Matt Damon, Frances McDormand, John Krasinski, Rosemarie DeWitt, Hal Holbrook

International premiere


The Croods - animated film in 3D


By Kirk De Micco (Space Chimps) Chris Sanders (How to Train Your Dragon)

With the voices of Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds

World premiere / out of competition



Berlinale Special


Unter Menschen (Redemption Impossible) - Documentary


By Christian Rost, Claus Strigel

World premiere

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  • mightyjoeyoung

    "It's also noteworthy that the director of Space Chimps is sharing space with these acclaimed art house auteurs. I support this."

    Stuff like that happens once in a Kung Fu Panda (2008) in 61st Cannes Film Festival etc......thanks for the list Mr Clark.

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