From The, 'Huh? Really?' File: Nicolas Winding Refn In Negotiations For THE EQUALIZER

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Clearly Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn has been keeping a clone of himself stashed in the closet. It's the only way to explain his manic work schedule. Currently wrapping up bits and bobs on his post-Drive effort Only God Forgives, Refn is already attached to a long gestating reboot of Logan's Run, sex thriller I Walk With The Dead, a television reboot of Barbarella, and a pair of untitled projects - one a thriller, one a comedy - as a director. Plus he's involved in a few more - a remake of Maniac Cop, for one - as a producer. You'd think his schedule would be full. But no.

You can add one more to the mix, Deadline reporting that Refn is entering negotiations to direct Denzel Washington in a big screen version of 1980s television series The Equalizer, which I watched quite a lot of when it was on the air. Production is currently scheduled to begin in spring of 2013, which means everything else on the Refn slate will most likely be bumped back a notch to make space. It was already a given that any Equalizer movie would be quite different from the television series - what with Denzel not being an aging, white, British man, for one thing - but now it has a strong possibility of being both different and good.
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