Finally! A RESOLUTION You Can Keep This January 25th!

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Good news for anyone unable to catch horror hit Resolution on the festival circuit. Tribeca Film will release the film On Demand on January 23rd (cable VOD, iTunes, Amazon Watch Instantly, VUDU, and more) and in select theaters beginning January 25th. So this New Years you can make a Resolution and actually keep it! Huzzah!

In the meantime we have the final festival tour video of 2012. The lads will be at Trieste SciencePlusFiction Film Festival in Trieste, Italy this week. And they have an Argento tinged video to share with you.
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  • Justin Benson

    Oh man. Got bone stormed in 2012 when I didn't see New Year's Eve. Fool me once... Let the soup dipping reign in 2013.

  • Aaron Moorhead
  • Aaron Moorhead

    I don't wanna bonestorm my new year, so I'm totally gonna see it. That said, I did co-direct this movie and self-marketing on the internet totally works, right?

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