Eight Minutes Of Subterranean Terror In Extended Clip From Russian Disaster Flick METRO

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Freshly released in Russian cinemas, Anton Megerdichev's disaster picture Metro already boasts a pair of fantastic trailers. They're taut and tense bits of work that demonstrate the director's skill and the potent premise - the story revolves around a subway crash and flooding of the tunnels beneath Moscow - to great effect. But now there's something even more impressive to cast your eyes on.

A lengthy eight minute clip from the film is freshly arrived online, one that picks up the action immediately following the crash. And while, yes, Megerdichev's technical abilities are on full display what is really impressive here to tell a compelling story with complex characters shining through in the middle of chaos with the use of absolutely bare minimum dialogue.

There is the public panicking to get out of the train cars and rush to safety, the shifting tunnels, the water levels slowly rising towards the electrified third rail, opportunists looting the injured, parents frantically trying to find missing children ... there is a tremendous amount happening within this clip and yet Megerdichev handles it all easily. Take a look at the clip below.
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  • paul

    what clip , all I get is "disallowed key characters"

  • uh ... no clip!

  • I'm looking at it right now, it's there.

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