Dutch Thriller APP Wants You To Fear (And Use) Your Phone

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While theaters such as the Alamo Drafthouse are gaining both notoriety in some sectors and love in others by taking a hardline stance against the use of cellular phones in their theaters, Dutch director Bobby Boermans is going the opposite direction with his latest feature, APP. For not only does the film revolve around a young woman and a mysterious app on her phone but it is also designed to interact directly with theater audiences through their phones as well, in the theater, as the movie is screening.

In the thriller APP, Anna (Hannah Hoekstra), a young student, gets caught up in her own virtual world. She is addicted to apps, social media and her smartphone. One day Anna discovers a mysterious new app on her phone. It has the answer to every question. Not just scientific questions, but also about her personal life and her friends. When the app starts sending her cryptic texts and codes connected to the sudden and strange deaths of people around her, it becomes evident that it is not just a handy app.
According to Thompson On Hollywood APP will "be the first film in the world to synchronize a parallel storyline via app content to be accessed while in the movie theater."

Good thing? Bad thing? Hard to say before experiencing it but the first teaser has arrived and looks quite solid. Check it below.
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