Doing The Shopping Will Never Be The Same After Polish Thriller SUPERMARKET

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Half the battle in creating a compelling thriller is finding - or creating - a reason to be afraid of something recognizable from daily life. And the more mundane the object of terror the more unsettling the film can be. It's something that writer-director Maciej Żak clearly understands and he's found one of the most every day settings possible for his upcoming thriller Supermarket.

Here's how the film was described at a recent appearance in Poland's Gdynia Film Festival:

Returning home on New Year's Eve the Wareckis, an average married couple, stop at a store. The husband goes to buy champagne. The wife stays in the car and waits for him. Hours go by and he does not return. Nobody can find him. A series of seemingly minor events makes the characters' lives a horror. For no reason they find themselves in a dead-end situation.
The trailer for this one looks like a slick, effective bit of work. Check it below.

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