CHRONICLE Star Dane DeHaan Is Harry Osborne in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2

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The Amazinger Spider-Man has a new cast member with director Marc Webb tweeting that Chronicle star Dane DeHaan has joined the cast to play Harry Osborne. Osborne is a key part of the larger Spider-Man mythology but with Jamie Foxx already on board to play Elektro it appears safe to assume that there won't be any Goblin action on screen in these latest films just yet. Beyond filling a major part in the film DeHaan also bridges the age gap between the actors playing major characters, DeHaan dropping right between Andrew Garfield and Shalene Woodley - four years younger than the former and four older than the latter - with all three playing characters who are meant to be pretty much the same age. That age issue will become much less significant once the characters get out of high school in these Webb pictures but, for now, the difference between a twenty one year old (Woodley) playing a teenager and a twenty nine year old (Garfield) playing a teenager is pretty dramatic. One will get you arrested in real life, for one thing ...
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