Beware The Coming Of CATZILLA

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Catzilla is coming. And he's got big, flaming eyes. Animated by Poland's Platige Image it's as much a promo (for a PC benchmark system) as it is a short film but it's a pretty damn fun short film as well. Check it below.
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  • laurapalmer

    @disqus_ae3Shkrjic:disqus: Sorry mate, looks like that this project is suspended for now, due to financial problems.

  • GoldLeader

    What ever happened to Hardkor 44 from Platige Image? That project looked awesome. It was announced over 3 years ago. I think it was tentatively announced for release in 2012 at that time, but I haven't heard anything since 2009. I'm hoping that the movie still gets made.

  • Arthur Vandelay

    Wasn't "Catzilla" featured in "Mousehunt"? A cat supposedly known to take down rats the size of sumo wrestlers, has a mental illness and is known as one mean pussy? LOL

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