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While director Fernando Barreda Luna scored international success with his found footage horror film Atrocious he has something very different in mind for his next project. No bumps in the night here, no mock doc style. Instead what we get is the tale of a very angry, very dangerous young woman.

Kiss of Vengeance is a western tale about a girl who becomes a true hero that fights the Mafia, inspired by a deep desire of pursuing the killers who executed her family in a horrible massacre back in the 90's. This is the lonely journey about a renegade young rider who can't trust anyone but her own skills. Set in the outlawed border of Mexico and U.S. ruled by the Cartels.
In post production now, Kiss Of Vengeance is a short film project designed to introduce the world and key characters for a proposed feature. Check out some stills below and keep your eyes open for a trailer and the full short in coming days.
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  • the king of opinions

    the moment you see leather jackets and katanas in the same place is the moment you know a movie is going to be a piece of shit

  • Yojimbo

    Mmmmhh looks and sounds a bit like the Crow but without the supernatural element.

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