Shu Qi Gets All Punchy In New Stills From Stephen Chow's JOURNEY TO THE WEST

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While there is little denying that the second teaser for Stephen Chow's Journey To The West has left us little more than nonplussed with dodgy CGI, the one thing that did look good about that teaser was Shu Qi. And to satisfy our pining for more Shu Qi we have a collection of stills from the film to share with you that feature the Tawainese stunner. 

And if the production can start work on a third teaser and collection of stills featuring Zhang Wen it would mean a lot to me personally. And if they want to throw in a fourth featuring Chrissy Chow I am sure no one else would protest either. 
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  • John Szczerba

    i once bought $70 worth of shu qi soft core porn many years back. i mean they were the softest of soft core porn. more like scantily clad to nude modeling videos in various settings, but they got the job done :)

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