What's Next For Director Of IRON SKY? It Could Look Like This ...

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What's next for Iron Sky director Timo Vuorensola? Word came out back in May that he was working on an adaptation of time traveling graphic novel I Killed Adolf Hitler but when we crossed paths at the American Film Market Vuorensola shared that while work on the Hitler script continues - and is looking good - he's also got a second as yet untitled, project on the bubble. And that up above? That's the first piece of concept art to hit the public eye. Looking good ...
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  • The Captain

    Can they get better writer's this time? some of the dialog in Iron Skye could have used a little bit of a Hollywood touch..

  • Mike Justin

    blade 4?

  • Bob

    there was a blade 4....straight to media. called it house of chthon.

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