Watch: Tony Ukpo's Creepy Horror Short ABOUT CLAIRE

, Managing Editor

What is about Claire that makes two other women so agitated and nervous? To find out, watch About Claire, the new short film from writer/director Tony Ukpo (Random 11 and others).

With a simple set-up, sharp moments between the two women (including Emily Lucienne) in a diner, a menacing sound design, and a concise running time of just over 5 minutes, About Claire fits my definition of an effective horror short: evocative and to the point, with a moody hint of its inspiration in character-based, creepy horror movies that were common in the 70s.

Ukpo is currently in post-production on his sci-fi drama After the world ended.. Below you'll also find a teaser for Ukpo's Random 11, which our own Todd Brown wrote about last year.

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