Transmission Picks Up NYMPHOMANIAC For Australia/NZ

, Contributing Writer
In a deal inked at Toronto and announced during AFM this week, premium Australian distributor Transmission Films has picked up Lars Von Trier's sure-to-be-controversial sex film, oh sorry, erotic drama, Nymphomanaic

While many us know it as the film where Shia will get his Beef on, the official synopsis is more demure. Charlotte Gainsbourg stars as Joe, a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac, and the film tells her story from birth to the age of 50. Also cast are Stellan Skasgard, Jamie Bell, Christian Slater, Uma Thurman, Willem Defoe and Stacy Martin. 

Transmission previously released Von Trier's Dogville and Antichrist - and produced the most notorious key art for the latter with designer Jeremy Saunders. I can only imagine what Saunders will design for this film, another collectors' classic surely. 
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