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Bane will be Sam Fisher.

Having already set up Assassin's Creed as a feature film with Michael Fassbender to star, Ubisoft continues to work their library of video game titles for potential films now attaching The Dark Knight Rises star Tom Hardy to take the lead in a big screen adaptation of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell.

Eric Warren Singer (The International, American Bullshit) is on board to adapt the game series into a film, one which will follow the adventures of black ops agent Sam Fisher. There is not yet a director attached, nor has the company found a studio home for the film, though - based on the process around Assassin's Creed - that certainly won't take long.
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  • Chaostheory

    Hardy as Sam = Bad choice.

    I'd have voted for Aaron Eckhart, or Scott Adkins.

  • Mike

    I just hope Uwe Boll isn't allowed anywhere near this.

  • Hiroaki Johnson

    Hopefully Ironside will dub over his lines.

  • G

    I'd prefer George Clooney pulling the role off. He looks like Sam Fisher.

  • Fisher looks a lot like Scott Adkins in that artwork ...

  • Jake

    Scott Adkins can't act worth shit

  • Mangkone

    Anyway, I don't remember Sam Fisher speaking a lot with words.. but with kicks and guns. Scott Adkins sounds way better to me than Tom Hardy in an action movie.

  • guitar_wolf

    Adkins is fine at what he does, with a decent character director he could be good.

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