Theatrical Trailer For Katie Aselton's BLACK ROCK

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After premiering at last year's Sundance, Katie Aselton's indie thriller Black Rock is now gearing up for theatrical release in the US. And we know what that means: New trailer.

A trio of childhood friends reunite for a camping trip on a woodsy getaway off the coast of Maine. Sarah, the group's peacekeeper, tricks Abby and Lou into spending time together after a tricky romantic mishap drove a wedge between them. Bad blood appears to subside, but its relevance dissolves in the face of a much larger problem: when the group runs into a war veteran they know from high school, a nighttime hangout session turns sour and the women of Black Rock have to confront something far more dangerous-and heavily armed- than their feelings.

Aselton also stars along with Kate Bosworth and Lake Bell. Check the trailer below.
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