Watch a New Episode of The Stack: Holiday Gift Guide Part Two: Box Sets For Kids!

Welcome back to....The Stack!  In part two of the Holiday Gift Guide your Uncle Dave  wrangles dead snakes, tells his kids to shut up and likewise invokes the holiday spirit by looking at some off the beaten path box sets for yer kids. And if you stay to the very, very end you get to watch my family and I sing Christmas carols to the toilet!!! Old TV, new 3D, R vs. B, and In....uh...Indi? No way to make that rhyme really. Oh well. 


Originally running from 1993 to 1996 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers requires some serious dedication on the part of completist fans. Forget that you could fill a house with the collectibles, costumes and toys, you could also easily fill a small library with the books, comics, and various editions of the show from around the world. 19 discs capture every episode as well as enough special features to make purchase here a sure thing for...well for the kind of people who like this kind of thing . All told it adds up to over 3,000 minutes of programming. Will your kids watch it? Start 'em young would be my advice. Mine are addicted to the current crap...I mean crop, of animated card flingin' wide eyed animated shows and I bet if I show 'em this they'll be hoppin' down the hall in no time striking kung fu poses and threatening each other with more than some silly pack of cards. 


Got it yet? Why not? I'm proud to say my kids became obsessed with Indi long before he was available on Blu. Yeah the last film pretty much sucks compared to the others but try telling that to my eight year old. You will never forget the first time you sat down to watch this with your kid and more than likely neither will they. These films look stunning stunning stunning on BluRay making this a must upgrade. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) itself looks about as good as the recent edition of Jaws (1975) everybody has been rightly raving about and the extras on this set, as well as the nice book style slipcased packaging make this a no brainer for any parent who wants to bring their kid along for the mine shaft nostalgia ride. 

A&E Entertainment

The advent of 3D TV is, at first glance just another way to introduce spectacle into your home theater. Not a bad thing. But not a default good thing either. It's what you make out of it. I had an aunt who used to buy me educational toys in a misguided attempt to shape my young mind. That isn't what I'm suggesting here. But the bottom line is your kids will get a kick out of these box sets. If only Planet Earth was available in 3D! These nifty little numbers are about half off their list price at Amazon and offer some pretty solid educational/entertainment value. Each box set contains three programs originally broadcast in 2D. Here they get the 3D conversion and while I'm not a huge fan of the process it is well done here and unless you are a technophile demanding nothing less than complete perfection from 3D you'll have a lot of fun with these. In fact I recommend  buidling a giant rubber band catapult in the room where you watch these. That way when the meteors start to fly and the bombs start to drop you can create the necessary chaos needed to fully enjoy the 3D effects.

Rooster Teeth

I'm more than a little biased since my friend Brian Behm (who designed the titles for The Stack) works at Rooster Teeth where this show is produced. But the plain truth is this is a super nifty box set for any Halo fan out there. With Halo 4 being one of the must have gaming gifts (must have gifts period) this year, this BluRay box set collecting all ten years of the biggest and best Halo spoof is the perfect companion. These 14 discs are so packed with extras that it's difficult imagining what else the team could have put together for the release. After you get hooked on the show (which you more than likely will) do yourself a favor and head over to Rooster Teeth. They have tons of hilarious and interesting content in this vein. 

Next installment of the gift guide features box sets for the geek in all of us. Not for mom and dad, not for kids. Just for us, us, us, true geeks, nostalgia riders, packaging lovers.Thanks as always to Brian Behm at Rooster Teeth for titles, Don Hill aka Millipede for the musaz and Nathan Cameron, and Aiden Davick for the editing.

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    "Yeah the last film pretty much sucks compared to the others but try telling that to my eight year old."
    So those were your real children singing in the end...?
    I thought you kidnapped Philip Kaufmans grandchildren as way of getting his autograph......nice video, thanks Mr Canfield.

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