The Future Is Teased In Our First Look At Indie Sci-Fi 2088

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Over on the site for his company SMI-Entertainment Steven Ilous' Sci-fi feature film is proposed as thus :

The challenge: To produce, direct and write a transmedia sci-fi/drama property that will entice audiences from all around the world, allowing people to experience this story through multi-platform touch points.

Say now, that sounds like something. Just as cool is the teaser trailer. And while all you can do is watch this time out, what a minute it is! Mood is established readily; we get a solid look at the future world design from cars to bots, to the cityscape. All in all a very strong package, a near perfect little visual enticement. Enough to ask Mr. Ilous to hurry it up and please finish the film!   
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  • Mr. Cavin

    Even notice how the future's video capture and playback technology is far inferior to our own? If I bought a telephone that took video this badly I'd return it.

  • Nixxin

    Looks cool. The language you hear in the beginning sounds Dutch, like on our train-stations. A bit odd, but cool anyway

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