She's Not A Kid Any More. Alexa Vega Tweets Photo Of Her MACHETE KILLS Character.

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Remember the Spy Kids? You know, the precocious little tykes who starred in films designed to entertain Robert Rodriguez's children? Yeah, back in the day a young Alexa Vega was one of the titular stars. And now a significantly less young Vega is starring in Rodriguez's not even remotely for children Machete Kills and she's tweeted a photo of herself in costume as the gun wielding Killjoy. She's not a shy girl, evidently.
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  • Urotsukidoji


  • Omar Hauksson

    In the voice of George Takei; Oh my!

  • marcwalkow

    Seems like she's grown even more titular in the intervening years.

  • guitar_wolf

    And now spy kids is truly in 3d

  • JayMars84

    When the fuck did that happen?

  • rondertaker

    well now i have a creepy boner thanks twitch

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