She's Not A Kid Any More. Alexa Vega Tweets Photo Of Her MACHETE KILLS Character.

Todd Brown, Founder and Editor
Remember the Spy Kids? You know, the precocious little tykes who starred in films designed to entertain Robert Rodriguez's children? Yeah, back in the day a young Alexa Vega was one of the titular stars. And now a significantly less young Vega is starring in Rodriguez's not even remotely for children Machete Kills and she's tweeted a photo of herself in costume as the gun wielding Killjoy. She's not a shy girl, evidently.
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  • Urotsukidoji


  • Omar Hauksson

    In the voice of George Takei; Oh my!

  • marcwalkow

    Seems like she's grown even more titular in the intervening years.

  • guitar_wolf

    And now spy kids is truly in 3d

  • JayMars84

    When the fuck did that happen?

  • rondertaker

    well now i have a creepy boner thanks twitch

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