Second Trailer For Jackie Chan's CHINESE ZODIAC Boasts More Plot, More Comedy, More Classic Kung Fu

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Jackie Chan's Chinese Zodiac hits screens in December and the marketing machine is full speed ahead with the release of a second full trailer for the film - one that boasts more plot, more comedy and more classic Chan style kung fu.

Curious how this film ties in to Chan's Armor Of God franchise? The answer may very well lie within. Want to see Chan breaking out the moves in hand to hand combat, as opposed to the stunt sequences featured in the first trailer? That's here, too. Take a look below to catch Chan as an art thief stealing from art thieves.
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  • Joyana

    "Thieves like Jackie
    Chan Plays in Chinese Zodiac 2012 are the best security system" Joyana
    said in her new post

  • Hubert Vigilla

    This looks like the trailer from May rather than a new one. Even the countdown at the end says the movie is 214 days away.

  • BelmontHeir

    Yeah...this is the same trailer from May.

  • Which I also posted then, of course. Goes to show you shouldn't post while jet lagged ... ugh ...

  • Mr. Cavin

    Plus, it was totally worth watching twice.

  • Hubert Vigilla

    Yeah, I agree with BelmontHeir. Ain't no thing, and easy to miss all things considered.

  • BelmontHeir

    Heh, it's understandable, especially considering the tremendous amount of breaking news and trailers you always have on the site. :]

  • Thanks, guys. Nice to know you think I'm less of an idiot than I generally think I am.

  • Aeron Allen

    looks fun

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