Benny Lava Saves The Rec Center In ANYBODY CAN DANCE 3D Trailer. Prabhu Deva Headlines India's First 3D Dance Movie!

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While the Step Up series has gained a new cult of fans for American dance movies, India, the world's capital of dancing in movies has been strangely silent, until now.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Anybody Can Dance 3D (ABCD), India's first 3D dance spectacle. This could have been disastrous, and still may be, however, there is one name attached that gives me confidence, Prabhu Deva. Prabhu Deva is currently best known as the director of Hindi blockbusters like Rowdy Rathore and Wanted and the Tamil hit Pokkiri, but he made his bones as a dancer and choreographer. He appeared on the international radar for his performance in Pennin Manathai Thottu, which featured a song called Kalluri Vaanil which became a viral hit after it was translated phonetically on YouTube and posted as "Crazy Indian Video Buffalaxed". That's right, Prabhu Deva is... BENNY LAVA!

While the Benny Lava video is undoubtedly hilarious, it also gives a very clear impression of Prabhu Deva as an incredibly talented dancer, and one widely regarded as the best in India, which is no small feat. When a 3D dance movie hires on Prabhu Deva to star and choreograph, it's pretty clear that they aren't fucking around. The trailer for Anybody Can Dance is pretty goddamned impressive and features several scenes that would never have made it into an American film, including a Holi festival dance and plenty of other amazing nonsense.

The trailer is entirely in Hindi with no subtitles, but you get the gist. Anybody Can Dance 3D, directed by Remo D'Souza, will hit screens worldwide in February 2013 from UTV and you can bet your ass I'll be there first day, first show. Check out the awesome trailer now!
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