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Hey, New York! Be thankful you were only hit by a hurricane and not a Sharknado. Hurricanes have less teeth. Yes, it's the latest from The Asylum and it's equal parts absurd and awesome.
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  • Lysander

    Sometimes I want to see these brainstorming sessions that come up with ideas like this. I'm picturing a bunch of sweaty, coked-up disheveled guys sitting around a Formica card table and staring googly-eyed at each other; silently daring one another to make the first suggestion.

    Asylum Guy 1: Tornadoes!
    Asylum Guy 2: Pfft. We already made a rip-off of Twister when it first came out.
    Asylum Guy 3: Radioactive Tornadoes?
    Asylum Guy 2: Are you kidding me? What are we, in the 1950s?
    Asylum Guy 1: Tornado full of mutant sharks!
    (Total Silence for 10 seconds)
    Everyone: Genius! (everyone snorts a celebratory line)

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